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Raven Hotel (2014)

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“By a clear mile, Raven Hotel is the finest song collection I’ve stumbled across this year — in many a year, for that matter”.

– No Depression (Folk Villager)

“…it really does come down to the songs, and if others want to be taken seriously as Texas singer-songwriters, this is how good they have to be.”
– Third Coast (John Conquest)

“Raven Hotel is a very accomplished collection of insightful song writing. Harlan rarely misses the bar with his wrangler poetry and lassoed prose.”
– Exclaim (Mackenzie Heard)

“Check in to the Raven Hotel and let these twelve shots of magic soothe your soul.”
– Kelly’s Country (Kelly The Country Angel)

“Houston-based singer-songwriter Matt Harlan isn’t one of those musicians who puts out an album every year…but you can bet that when one does finally show up, it’s worth the wait.”
– Sun209: Americana Music News (Paul T. Mueller)

“Matt’s tales are clear, the stories surface level and as real as the land that raised them up from snippets of conversation, newspaper headlines or general life in the great state of Texas.”
– The Alternate Root (Danny McCloskey)

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