TJ Music Debuts ‘Mountain Pose’ off the New Album

Big thanks to TJ Music (aka, Turnstyled, Junkpiled) for streaming a brand-new track (Mountain Pose) from the soon-to-be-released ‘BEST BEASTS’ album! You can listen and read more from this link right here! This song came from watching how the kids who suffered through the Parkland school shooting responded with courage and determination in the face of tragedy to change the conversations Americans were having about gun control in our country.

Glide Magazine Debuts Title Track for ‘Best Beasts’!

The good folks at Glide Magazine have been kind enough to debut the title track from ‘BEST BEASTS’. Check out this link to hear Jon Dee Graham and Rich Brotherton trading some shredding guitar licks and BettySoo lending her talented harmony vocals! And they said some nice things, to boot!

Like much of the album, the lyrics focus on our current social and political landscape, tattered to say the least, but also takes on a tone of optimism. Harmonies shine with the help of BettySoo, adding an extra emotional poignancy to one powerful verse after another and hitting you straight in the heart.” – Glide Magazine