Matt Joins Up with the Twelve Project: Taking Pictures for a Good Cause

I recently had a strange device put in my hands and was told to go out and shoot whatever I saw! And the thing was loaded! Luckily, it was just an old Olympus 35mm camera. But it was loaded with real film, instead of some memory stick.  I hadn’t picked up an honest-to-goodness camera in years until the kind folks at the TWELVE project ( invited me to join 11 other musicians to document life behind the mic. The project benefits arts-loving kids in the Galveston, TX area and will feature photos and performances by some of my favorite artists (Hayes Carll, Carrie Rodriguez, Joe Pug, Jamie Wilson, Walt Wilkins, just to name a few) .  Check the website above to find out more about the project, then check back for my photos or come hear me and Walt Wilkins swap songs and stories on Nov. 20 in Galveston.