Closing Out 2014: A Fair Farewell

Well, I guess it’s time to bid farewell to another wonderful year. 2014 treated me better than I could have predicted: I celebrated the release of a new album (debuted at #1 on the Euro Americana Chart and recently ranked #120 out of 500+ in a No Depression reader’s poll for best of 2014), re-discovered the kindness of innumerable fans / friends on the road, and uncovered the added kindness of strangers that pitched in when my guitar was stolen…there’s way too many things for a single blog post. Let’s just say, “It was a pretty good year.” But before we sing Auld Lang Syne, I have a few more shows on the books, including a New Year’s Eve show at Anderson Fair in Houston. If you’re looking for a folky way to ring in the new one, we’ll all be having a fair(ly) great time over there. Otherwise, see you in 2015!