Free Downloads to Mark Katrina Anniversary and the Unreality of Trump

Hey y’all…I wanted to offer up a few free tracks to mark a couple momentous occasions. Often people ask writers where the inspiration for certain songs came from. And sometimes it’s funny, after the song is written, to track where the inspiration led. These two tunes – one to combat the callous words of a political figure after Hurricane Katrina, the other written to address the issue of a border-wall between the U.S. and Mexico –  both started from very specific points of inspiration, yet ended up addressing their topics in different ways. I wanted to make them free right now as the 10th anniversary of that Hurricane is upon us and while we stand by watching another, unreal storm bear down on our society during our current presidential campaign season. So, please listen and share. These are my attempts to say something about our culture without heavy-handed political overtones, hoping that the underlying message comes through. Follow the links below to download the songs…to read their backstories, check out my recent newsletter right here:

Old Allen Road:

Over the Bridge: