Unreleased Song Recorded for Polished Steel’s ‘On the Record’ Series

Well, it’s been more than a year since I released Raven Hotel, and I’ve been writing some new songs for another album. But until now, I haven’t been in a studio to cut anything to share. Enter Polished Steel, a website curated by author and music aficionado, Brian T. Atkinson. They’re doing a series called “On the Record” where musicians stop by and do a quick take of an unreleased song.  So, thanks to Polished Steel, I’m excited to share a new tune called “The Time is Now.” Rachel and I recorded it at the Woodshed in San Marcos, right next door to the legendary Cheatham Street Warehouse. Hope you dig it! Listen here: soundcloud.com/polished-steel-361567948/matt-harlan-the-time-is-now